Sarah Chapman

Teaching Fellow

Townsville State High School QLD

Sarah Chapman’s passion for science education is infectious. With her team, she has built Townsville State High School into a magnet for parents and students who want to be prepared for jobs of the future – jobs which may not yet exist but will certainly require technical skills and scientific reasoning.

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Jessica Colleu Terradas

Teaching Fellow

Como Secondary College WA

Intensive individual instruction has produced breakthroughs for struggling students at Como Secondary College, where some have made up to five years of progress in just 12 months.

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Lorraine Evans

Teaching Fellow

Malak Primary School NT

By refusing to compromise on academic standards and renewing connections to its community, Principal Lorraine Evans has turned around the fortunes of an under-performing Darwin primary school.

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Denise Lofts

Teaching Fellow

Ulladulla High School NSW

Principal Denise Lofts saw huge potential and knew that a radical solution was needed to enliven her Ulladulla High School students’ disengagement and low aspirations for futures they couldn’t imagine.

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Sasha Mildenhall

Teaching Fellow

Taylors Lakes Secondary College VIC

A program to identify and extend gifted students is raising results across the board at Taylors Lakes Secondary College.

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Chantel Mirzai

Teaching Fellow

Auburn North Public School NSW

As Deputy Principal, Instructional Leader, Chantel Mirzai has collaboratively led a change process that has completely transformed Auburn North Public School, elevating it from a school with declining outcomes to one of the state’s most outstanding performers.

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Erica Prosser

Teaching Fellow

Holy Spirit College QLD

Success for Erica Prosser’s students is measured not in exam results but in finding the confidence to figure out a life plan and start working towards it.

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Alison Rourke

Teaching Fellow

Fairy Meadow Demonstration School NSW

Explicit instruction in evidence-informed English pedagogies and efficient numeracy processes, combined with an uncompromising focus on ensuring students truly understand what they are taught, has transformed Buxton Public School into a star NAPLAN performer.

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Michael Smith

Teaching Fellow

Marsden State High School QLD

Michael Smith is improving teaching quality and consistency at a disadvantaged secondary school in outer Brisbane by boosting the support available to teachers at the beginning of their careers.

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Monica St Baker

Teaching Fellow

Hanwood Public School NSW

Despite the challenges of its small size and remoteness, Principal Monica St Baker has embedded contemporary teaching philosophies at Hanwood Public School, and students’ achievements are improving in response.

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Ashley Stewart

Teaching Fellow

Newton Moore Senior High School WA

Inspired by a passion for promoting Women in STEM fields, Ashley Stewart is using STEM, problem-based learning and Spatial Training to drive improvement in mathematics at the Newton Moore Senior High School in Bunbury, WA.

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John Townley

Teaching Fellow

Cecil Andrews College WA

Too many students were dropping high-level STEM subjects at Cecil Andrews College, and STEM Coordinator John Townley was determined that should change.

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