Sasha Mildenhall

Taylors Lakes Secondary College, VIC

Teaching Fellow

A program to identify and extend gifted students is raising results across the board at Taylors Lakes Secondary College.

Anchored by her belief that, “every student should have the opportunity to learn something new every day”, Assistant Principal Sasha Mildenhall is helping colleagues understand how to modify the curriculum for highly capable students who might otherwise disengage.

The resources she has developed also address the needs of “twice exceptional” students, whose giftedness is accompanied by disability or other learning needs.

An increased proportion of Taylors Lakes students are scoring in the top two NAPLAN bands, as teachers’ growing confidence with individualised learning lifts all students.

Sasha’s work is now influencing schools internationally with the promotion of the College’s ground-breaking augmented reality teaching guide in the USA, Canada and New Zealand via the College’s New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL) partnership which supports teachers to focus on high quality learning design and instruction.