Each year we offer the opportunity for eligible schools to partner with Schools Plus over a single year or multi-year period. The aim of the partnership is to build the capacity of School Leadership teams to design and implement evidence-based projects that improve outcomes for children and young people.

Our partnerships are designed to provide schools with resources and support they need to create lasting change within their communities, with a focus on evidence-based strategies and measurable outcomes.

Schools can apply for a Single Year Partnership or Multi-Year Partnership. Both Partnerships include:

  • Single-year (1 year) or Multi-year (3 years) funding for schools to facilitate the delivery of a strategic project.
  • Provision of coaching for the project leadership teams providing guidance and support to successfully deliver, evaluate and create a sustainable model for future strategic projects.
  • Program management and evaluation support using tools and resources to effectively plan, implement, and evaluate projects. Helping schools to achieve their objectives and assess the success of their projects.

All successful applicants will receive this holistic support for their projects.


Other ways Schools Plus can support your school:

If you have a donor who would like to make a tax-deductible donation to your school or you require Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR1) status to complete a grant application, please reach out to schools@schoolsplus.org.au to discuss how we can help facilitate this.