Our Single Year Partnership opportunity is for short-term projects (over one year) that aim to improve outcomes for children and young people in specific subject areas or address specific challenges for targeted groups. These might be short-term focused but have significant impact within this timeframe.

Examples of successful Single-Year projects:

  • Oral Indigenous language training for teachers, parents, and students to support students’ literacy.
  • Using multi-tiered support systems to identify students at risk of anxiety or depression and targeted, evidence-based mental health interventions in the school setting.
  • Staff training and development to embed trauma-informed practices in the classroom, manage emergent behaviour and create collaborative support plans for students.

Partnership support includes:

FundingCoachingProgram Management & Evaluation
Up to $30,000 for a single school  or up to $60,000 for a cluster of schools (must be an existing cluster)  
12 hours of coaching over the duration of the project (up to one year)

Project Planning Tool to track the impact of the project

For more information, read the Single Year Partnership Guidelines via the link below.