Jessica Colleu Terradas

Como Secondary College, WA

Teaching Fellow

Intensive individual instruction has produced breakthroughs for struggling students at Como Secondary College, where some have made up to five years of progress in just 12 months.

Special Education teacher Jessica Colleu Terradas was determined to lift the literacy and numeracy results of lower performing students at the Perth school, many of whom were from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Jessica’s formula is to ensure those assessed for the program – about 50 Year 7s to 10s annually – grasp the information encoded in letters, numbers and symbols. Her innovative program with a focus on explicit teaching is attracting teachers from around the State eager to see the program in action.

With neglected basics in place, many students have thrived in regular classrooms, making great strides in other subject areas – and progress has been sustained right through to Year 10.

“I am personally committed to ensuring that all students, including those with learning difficulties or from disadvantaged backgrounds, gain access to high-quality education suited to their needs,” Jessica says.