In early 2022, floods devastated communities in New South Wales and Queensland. Some were struck by flooding two or three times in only a matter of weeks, leaving many families without their homes, belongings and livelihoods.

Many schools were significantly affected. Teachers were forced to operate from temporary classrooms after water swept through, damaging property like computers, furniture, books, musical instruments and sports equipment. The mental health and wellbeing of children, teachers and families were also significantly hit by the traumatic experience. With your support for Schools Plus’ Flood Recovery Appeal, we have been able to deliver urgent grants of up to $20,000 to schools in many flood-affected communities. Here is how your generous support is making a difference in some of those schools.


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More than 90 families at this school – the only public high school in Ballina – were affected by the floods. Funding has been used to support families who lost everything by purchasing new uniforms, laptops and dongles (to provide internet access at home), subsidising activities such as camps, excursions and workshops for families who can’t afford it, purchasing sensory/therapeutic tools for students who need extra support and providing wellbeing materials to support students and staff.

Ballina Coast High School was fortunate in that the building suffered no inundation. What has had significant impact is the loss of homes, belongings and accommodation for 90 families who attend our school along with five staff. We have supported each and every one of these happily but the cost has been borne largely by the school.” – Principal


Following the first flood that ravaged Lismore, the local high school swung into action to ensure families had the basics so students could get back to school. Primary and high school uniforms, shoes, other clothes including pyjamas and underwear, school bags, lunch boxes and drink bottles were purchased to help children settle back in to school as quickly as possible. The school has also leased a bus to help students attend school and community activities.

Our school has been greatly impacted by the latest flooding events in Lismore. We have had over 40 students lose their homes, 7 staff and numerous displaced families due to this significant weather event. This bus will play a key role in our flood recovery plan. Many of our students and families have lost transport. This bus will allow our students to start accessing community events, support services and businesses. It will also play a key role in our Community Access program for our students with disabilities within our Support Unit.” – Principal


Flooding destroyed the school’s collection of musical instruments, which were waterlogged and deemed unsafe due to bacteria and rust. With our support, the school is replacing those instruments (an expensive task that would otherwise take years) and their shelving so they can be kept off the ground. The Year 6 ‘chill space’ is also being refurbished, and the school chaplain will be engaged for additional hours to support students’ mental health.

“Our school has been severely impacted by both floods this year. The first flood closed our school for a week and the second flood for two days. Water inundated our music room. Unfortunately, many of our instruments have been affected [due to] water, bacteria and rust. To replace these instruments would take our school many years to rebuild and would deprive our students of their musical instruction.” – Principal


Schools Plus’ urgent grant is helping this school replace sporting equipment, technology e.g. headphones (computers were already being replaced) and restore their K – Year 2 passive play area with toys and mats for students to sit on. It will also support school excursions and wellbeing days to help students and the community recover from this disaster.

This is the second time we have lost this area and have not even started to get it back up and running again. We are hoping with this grant we can make it look wonderful again.”- Learning and Wellbeing Assistant Principal


Many Bundamba families were affected, with at least four living out of tents in neighbours’ backyards after the floods. One of the most immediate issues was that the school had no uniforms. Many parents were struggling and couldn’t afford to purchase new uniforms, and there were not enough secondhand uniforms available for all the students who had lost theirs. On one school day, 46 students attended school without a school jumper. Funding is enabling the school to restock its ‘community hub’ to provide students with the basic items they require from underwear to uniforms and resources that give them back their sense of belonging and pride.

The school’s demographic is lower socio-economic with a high percentage of students from trauma backgrounds, experiencing family violence in the home, living in out-of-home care or suffering poverty that impacts their basic living needs. Bundamba State School was negatively impacted by the recent floods [and] could really benefit from some financial assistance to restock our uniform supply and resources for our student community.” – Principal


Seven classrooms at North Nowra Public School were damaged by flood waters in early 2022. It was yet another challenge to face at this school that had also been affected by the 2019/20 bushfires and repeated COVID lockdowns.

The school’s Breakfast Club and Kids Club had been run in one of the damaged rooms. These clubs are used daily by students who need extra support to ensure they have a nutritious breakfast, or need a space away from the main playground during lunch and recess. The room is also used to support students’ social and emotional learning and mental health through social skills and wellbeing programs. With our grant, the school has been able to replace and improve the equipment and other resources in the room that are vital to lifting children’s wellbeing and learning engagement.

Your donation is making a huge difference in the lives of these students, teachers and families. Thank you once again for your support.

In early 2022, floods devastated communities in New South Wales and Queensland. Some were struck by flooding two or three times in only a matter of weeks, leaving many families without their homes, belongings and livelihoods.