Jaynelle Le Fauvre

Central Yorke School, SA

Teaching Fellow

Jaynelle Le Feuvre has been instrumental in developing a high-quality agricultural science pathway for students from Reception to Year 12. An educator at the Central Yorke School in regional South Australia, she has embraced the productive agricultural region and highly engaged community, to create opportunities and enhance outcomes for her students.

Creating the Senior Agriculture initiative, a subject that offers an ATAR recognised pathway into agricultural science careers, Jaynelle developed materials and assessments which gained a reputation for providing students with scientific skills that could be applied beyond the school gate. The initiative cut through stereotypes of traditional agricultural subjects to attract non-farming students and students from diverse backgrounds and sparked a passion for rural industries by exposing the breadth of opportunities available.

The program, augmented by a supportive school environment and driven by Jaynelle’s passion for teaching and showcasing agriculture, has provided the students with opportunities to immerse themselves in the industry. Successful partnerships were built with local businesses and industry leaders to expose the students to real-life experiences and student work placements, projects that deep-dive into enterprise design and management and unique science projects that solve real-world on-farm problems have driven the program’s popularity.

Jaynelle’s wholistic approach to exposing students to agriculture beyond the paddock is demonstrated in the Garden to Plate program, showing students of all ages that agriculture is more than paddocks and tractors. She has developed incredible learning and lifetime opportunities for her students and her work is a showcase of positive rural education.