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Smart Giving
About the program

Through our Smart Giving program, we help connect schools across Australia with individuals, businesses and foundations who are passionate about education. 

We invite schools to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to seek additional funds for their school, for projects that explore innovative, creative and progressive approaches in education. 

We draw on advice from independent experts to select a range of projects, then promote them to potential donors who want to know where they can have the greatest impact. 

The 2018 round is now closed. Please subscribe to our newsletter for updates of future rounds.

We have recorded a webinar which provides information about Schools Plus, the Smart Giving program and the types of projects schools may seek funding for. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How would my school benefit from the program?

Funding support: Your school will receive funding for a significant project to improve student outcomes. 

Strategic support: Schools receiving Smart Giving funding will be connected to our team of education experts who will provide an element of strategic support for you to help with design, evaluation and implementation of your project. We will tailor this support to match your requirements. 

Accreditation standards: We can also work with schools to identify ways in which staff involved in the projects can incorporate activities that they can use as evidence for demonstrating attainment of accreditation standards.  

This round is now closed. Please subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

Is my school eligible?
  • Schools submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) must have a value below 1000 on the Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA). Schools with no (zero) ICSEA value must contact Schools Plus to determine eligibility, except for special needs schools which are eligible. For current ICSEA values, see your school’s profile on My School at   
  • Only one project per school or school cluster will be considered under this round.   
  • Schools that have received funding through Schools Plus’ Smart Giving, Commonwealth Bank Teaching Awards or Fair Education programs within the last 12 months are not eligible to apply in this round.

This round is now closed. Please subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

What level of funding is available?

Schools Plus is seeking submissions for strategic projects ranging in value from:  

  • $20,000 to $30,000 for an individual school project  
  • $60,000 to $75,000 for projects by a cluster of schools (4 – 10 schools)  

In this round, up to 20 projects will be selected for immediate funding, to be available to the school in mid-2018. We will also select up to 20 other projects to promote to donors from May 2018.

This round is now closed. Please subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

What type of projects will be supported?
  • We are seeking projects that will lead to improved learning outcomes for students in schools facing disadvantage. 
  • The project can extend an existing school initiative that is having a proven impact or it could replicate projects where existing strategies are being tried in a new location or with a new group.  
  • We are keen to support innovative projects that trial new designs or strategies that have a sound research base and the potential for significant transformational change. 
  • We would particularly welcome submissions from schools or clusters of schools interested in implementing a STEM initiative. 
  • In designing their projects, schools should be able to clearly identify why change is needed, how the project will enable the change to be achieved and the difference the change will make to the school community. Projects should align closely with the school’s strategic plan, be supported by the school leadership team and have an ongoing and sustainable benefit to the school community.  
  • Finally, we would like you to be able to identify what evidence or research is available to support the purpose and design of the project, how you will measure the change it creates and how you will share that information with us. 

This round is now closed. Please subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

How do I apply?

For information on the 2018 round, you can read the guidelines for submitting the 2018 Expression of Interest (EOI). These guidelines were designed to help submit a quality EOI and contain the questions that were asked, along with guiding information. 

Submissions are now closed, please subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

Which schools are eligible

We support schools with an ICSEA value below 1000 (including many special schools with a zero ICSEA). ICSEA stands for Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage – check values at

More than 4,600 schools in Australia, across the government, independent and Catholic sectors, are eligible for our support.

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Free fundraising workshop

Want to learn how to raise more funds for your school?

We are hosting a free workshop on Thursday 14 March 2019 which will cover:

*Easy step-by-step approach to fundraising for a project

*How to pitch your project to potential donors – and where to find them

*Practical tips to make your fundraising drive a success

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