Here you can access all the latest webinars, documents and other resources that we have compiled to help share best practise amongst schools

Case study: Supporting complex learners through family engagement

This case study has been created with support from AERO and Clarke Road School, as an example of how to support complex learners through family engagement practices.

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Case study: Supporting linguistically diverse families through English classes

This case study has been created with support from Darling Heights State School and AERO, as an example of engaging with families to support student learning in primary school.

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Collaborative learning: how can community and student voice influence teacher practice?

Hayley Dureau & Jessica Chesterfield share insights on the potential of using both student and community voice to strengthen teaching practice and learning.

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Webinar: Authentic STEM Learning through Community Partnerships

Wendy Bode and Rebecca Godfrey share their experience of forging strong community partnerships to enhance STEM learning opportunities for their students.

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Webinar: Loving Literacy for Lifelong Learning

Alex Wharton and Donna Harvey share their experience of growing reading engagement and achievement for their secondary students.

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Webinar: Enhancing Consistent Teacher Judgement in Writing

Rebecca West shares her story of enhancing consistent teacher judgement in writing at Bonnyrigg Public School, NSW

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Smiling Mind: Guidelines for Mindfulness in Schools

This resource aims to help teachers and school leaders in their implementation of mindfulness programs in the school environment. The guide from Smiling Mind, a leading expert in youth mindfulness, provides a clear and concise review of the current evidence and best practice for mindfulness within education.

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Fair Education: Principles for Effective Family and Community Engagement

Since 2018, 65 NSW schools worked together with coaches, families and communities to implement initiatives to strengthen family and community engagement. This report explores learnings from the projects, as they inform effective strategies to strengthen family and community engagement.

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One school’s journey of implementing a trauma-informed practice approach

Jennifer Parrett shares her school’s journey in implementing a trauma-informed approach to meet the needs of her rural school community.

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Supporting Student Mental Health and Wellbeing: our project learnings

At Schools Plus, we have directed nearly $27m in support for students since our inception in 2015, and approximately 25% of those funds have been used to support the mental health and wellbeing.

Here are the common themes that are emerging from projects that have delivered significant change for student mental health and wellbeing.

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Embedding trauma-informed practices to support learning

Julie Murphy, Principal at Elizabeth Vale School in South Australia and 2020 Teaching Fellow, shares her school’s story of bringing about a cultural change, underpinned by trauma-informed practice, to help their students be ready to learn and succeed.

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Staff wellbeing and impact on student outcomes

Last month, Scott Dirix and Kim Brady shared their approach to understanding the needs of their staff and students, the research underpinning it, and the impact on teacher and student wellbeing.

After receiving a number of questions from participants, Kim and Scott have provided additional responses on the Hub.

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Webinar: Attendance Matters

AITSL’s Dr Susan-Marie Harding and Family and Community Engagement Officer Ali Wilson share evidence and insights on the impact of and factors influencing non-attendance, and approaches to support attendance.

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A guide to successful grant applications for schools

Applying for grant funding for school projects is a great way to raise money for your school. This article is to help you understand how to find suitable grants, the grant application process, and how to write a winning submission. Schools Plus can support you in this journey.

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Webinar: Embedding positive education across the curriculum

Warren Symonds shares how the wellbeing of his school community has been strengthened by making positive psychology and practice an integral part of everything they do – curriculum, policies and procedures and relationships.

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Webinar: Grant Writing – Setting Your School Up For Success

This webinar will provide you with the tools you need to understand grants, where to find them and write a winning application.

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Fair Education Conversations and Provocations #1 Resources

In our first Conversation and Provocation, we discussed the Parent and Family Engagement: Implementation Guide for School Communities (the ‘Guide’) published by ARACY. Here are some additional supporting resources that have been shared after the Conversation.

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Research from Associate Professor Mathew White

Following our webinar on Leading school cultures to support learning and positive wellbeing, Associate Professor Mathew White has shared with us some relevant research papers which may provide you with more understanding.

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What do schools need in 2020

Through our Smart Giving program, we provide funding, coaching and support to selected schools to support initiatives that improve students’ outcomes. Here are the insights from our 2020 Smart Giving applications.

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Our Fair Education Journey: Loop Line Cluster

The loop line cluster of schools showcase their Fair Education project.

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Susannah Schoeffel on Measuring Impact

Susannah Schoeffel, Associate Director, Evidence for Learning, Social Ventures Australia, shares her spotlight presentation at the 2020 Fair Education Forum.

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Linda McNeil on Family and Community Engagement

Linda McNeil, Schools Plus coach and family and community engagement specialist, presents to the Fair Education cohort on Dare to Connect: connecting with parents and community. Tags: Family and community engagement, fair education, fair education forum 2020,

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Mental Health and Wellbeing Resources

To complement our Semester One Knowledge Sharing activities, we have developed a selection of resources to help you in supporting student mental health and wellbeing.

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Jay Page: Supporting and Leading Change

Jay Pag, STEM Teacher at Goodna State School, presented on supporting and leading school change at the 2020 Salesforce Online Collaboration Forum.

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