• What types of projects can I register?

    Projects eligible for consideration must lead to improved, measurable outcomes for students in schools facing disadvantage. Schools Plus is unable to facilitate funding for core curriculum and activities already funded by government, office equipment, academic research, retrospective funding, or school fees. 

  • Is our school eligible to use the platform?

    Eligible schools must have an ICSEA value (Index of Community Socio-Education Advantage) under 1000. You can check your school ICSEA here. If your school is above 1000 and you are interested in fundraising to support a school in a disadvantaged location, please get in touch with Schools Plus and we can discuss your options.  

  • Can we raise funds for a charity?

    No. The Fundraise Yourself platform may only be used by to raise funds for schools with an ICSEA below 1000.

  • How much can you raise?

    There is no cap on the amount of money you can raise on the platform. If this is your first time fundraising, we recommend starting with a project between $2,000 and $10,0000.

  • Can I sell raffle tickets, event tickets (e.g. trivia night), t-shirts, etc. via Fundraise Yourself?

    No. If a donor receives anything in return (e.g. material benefit, advantage, right or privilege) for their donation, it is not considered tax deductible.

  • Does it cost anything to use the platform?

    There is no direct cost to schools to use the platform to raise funds. When a donation is made to your project, a 5% contribution fee will apply and will be taken automatically at the time of donation. This fee will support Schools Plus’ work with schools, allowing us to maintain the platform, provide resources and administer the funding. Standard credit card fees are applicable to donations made online. For donations over $500 we recommend a bank transfer. Please click here to access our contribution form with bank details. 

  • What happens if we don’t reach our goal?

    You will receive all donations to your project, even if you don’t hit your target. It’s important to set your target at an achievable level to build credibility with your supports.  If your campaign doesn’t raise enough to totally fund your project, we can discuss with you the best way to direct your donations.

  • How do we find donors?

    We understand that fundraising within your school community may be challenging for a number of reasons. Schools Plus recommends using your school community as advocates/champions for the project and for reach ‘beyond the school gate’. There are several resources within the school dashboard that can help you investigate your options. A few ideas to get you started:  Local businesses and community groups, grants – see grant page, local members of parliament, alumni, local industry, business groups and local media. Each term Schools Plus hosts a free Fundraising Fundamentals Webinar to help schools with their fundraising. Please subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated.

  • When will our school receive our donations?

    Any funds raised in the previous month will be deposited into the nominated bank account the following month (except January), so you can begin your project. If your school is on a central banking system, you should tick the relevant box on the school registration page.

  • Can our students be involved?

    Yes! We love to see students getting involved in fundraising. Student led projects have been successful via the Fundraise Yourself platform.

  • Who needs to be involved in the project?

    Fundraising is not a solo journey. The bigger your team, the easier it will be. Please ensure you involve your principal as they will receive notification that you have registered your school to the Schools Plus website.

  • What support is available to our school?

    Schools Plus has a team dedicated to helping you embark on your school fundraising journey. The school community fundraising team specialises in all things school fundraising. Please get in touch via schools@schoolsplus.org.au or call 02 8880 0296. There are also great resources available on your school dashboard and each term we host a Fundraising Fundamentals webinar.

  • Does our school pay Goods and Services Tax (GST) on donations?

    No. Providing the donor is not receiving a material benefit in return for the payment, there are no GST consequences.

  • Can our school apply for a grant via Schools Plus? 

    Yes! Grants are available for schools with an ICSEA value below 1000. Click here for more information