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For Schools

Supporting you, so you can support your students

Schools Plus is changing the face of giving in schools to benefit you, your students and your community.

We bring together donors and schools where the student need is greatest. The goal is to provide vital resources that ensure your students are engaged learners, your teachers are highly-skilled and your community, especially parents, are involved in school activities.

There are many ways we can help your school raise much-needed funding for activities and equipment.

Smart Giving

Through our Smart Giving program, we help connect schools with individuals, businesses or trusts & foundations who are passionate about education. Tell us about your project in our next Smart Giving round – from each round, we select a range of projects to promote to potential donors who want to know where they can have the greatest impact. Find out more here.

Fundraise Yourself

Through our Fundraise Yourself approach, schools that want to do their own fundraising can register their project to be profiled on our Projects page. The schools then promote the project to their community – including families and friends, local businesses and clubs. All donations are tax-deductible. Find out more about this easy way to raise funds here.

Donors’ Choice

Donors can also nominate your school to receive their donations. If you have a willing donor, please contact us so we can help you register your project. Or your donor can complete this online form.

Fair Education

Our Fair Education Program is for NSW schools only. Supported by the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation, this program aims to develop the capacity of school leadership in NSW disadvantaged schools to engage families and communities in student learning. Applications are currently closed and will reopen early 2017. Read the February 2016 Guidelines for schools to get an idea of the sorts of projects we are seeking.

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Which schools are eligible?

We support schools with an ICSEA value of below 1000 (as recorded on the My School website). ICSEA stands for Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage – you can find out more about this measure here. More than 4,600 schools in Australia, across the government, independent and Catholic sectors, are eligible for our support. 

What else do you need to know?


  • Schools Plus is unable fund activities that are core to government expenditure on schools.
  • We encourage innovation, and look for strategic projects that will have long-term impact. And we take the advice of school leaders and other education experts about what support is most needed. 
  • Projects funded through Schools Plus are evaluated carefully and the results shared with donors, schools and the wider education community. 
  • We will also work with schools to help them build their own relationships with donors and supporters and increase their fundraising skills – see our Resources page for some useful advice.

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Which schools are eligible

We support schools with an ICSEA value below 1000. ICSEA stands for Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage - check values at

More than 4,600 schools in Australia, across the government, independent and Catholic sectors, are eligible for our support.
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Success Stories

Read about the difference we’re making together to the lives of students in need around Australia. Our donors have already supported projects in nearly 100 schools.
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Free fundraising workshop

Want to learn how to raise more funds for your school? Come along to our free workshops in Sydney and Far West NSW and learn:

* An easy step-by-step approach to fundraising for a project
* Tips to help your project run smoothly
* How to pitch your project to potential donors – and where to find them
* Practical tips to make your fundraising drive a success
* How to retain donors
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