Shining a light on a different future

Roxy, Year 10 student at Wynyard High School (TAS), never felt she had a role model. Her mum and older sister never had a job and much like other children in the area, the household she grew up in caused a bit of trauma. Feeling like her prospects were bleak, Roxy did not regularly attend school.

Wynyard High created a targeted program to re-engage the small number of students whose attendance had fallen below 50%, including Roxy. Through the program, students received literacy and numeracy support and completed units on growth mindset, resilience, goal setting and wellbeing. They also learnt first aid and resume-writing, visited workplaces and with great results: attendance increased by an average of 35% and more students said they felt safe at school and had a role model after completing the program. Students also demonstrated more confidence and resilience through presenting public speeches and applying for jobs (with one successful placement) and school leadership positions.

Roxy’s outlook on her future has been transformed. She said: “I didn’t really know what I wanted to do before I started doing this. Now I know what I want to do for a job, and I think I can actually do it!”

*The story uses a fictional student name.