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Planning your school fundraising journey

4 February 2020 The beginning of a new fundraising project can be an exciting time, filled with a lot of energy and plenty of ideas. While you may want to dive in straight away, it’s important to take a step back and create a quick plan. No mat...

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End of year school fundraising

27 November 2019 It’s only November, but I can already feel the holiday spirit in the air. Christmas Carols will soon start playing on the radio, an abundance of prawns will appear in supermarkets and glittery ‘2020’ novelty glasses on shelv...

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A guide to social media and school community fundraising

22 October 2019 Social media is a great way to share your project beyond your immediate school community (e.g. teachers, students and P&C). Parents, past students and other community members may connect with your school through social media c...

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