Fast tracking English with online learning

Lan, Year 6, has reaped the benefits of Milpera Live – an online English language program that supports children with English as a second language/dialect (EAL/D).

After migrating to Australia with little English and an immediate start to mainstream learning at Goodna State School (QLD), Lan had difficulties fully engaging in classroom learning. As Milpera Live was introduced at his school, Lan fast-tracked in reading and written English, and ICT skills. Lan said: “I loved the book (All in a Game). I also went from a D to an A in English, Milpera Live helped me to do that.”

Milpera Live was developed by Milpera State High School (QLD), an intensive English language school. Two online language programs have been developed and delivered by their expert teachers into 10 QLD schools including some in regional and remote areas who otherwise don’t have specialised language support for EAL/D students. The schools have seen significant growth in children’s reading, writing, ICT skills and technical language required for on-line learning.

Milpera Live is now on its way to becoming a fully funded program by the QLD Department of Education. Additionally, with now multi-year support from Schools Plus, the school is working to reach more rural and remote schools and a third program to support ongoing language development.

*The story uses a fictional student name.