Focus on Maths

The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers

Focus on Maths is a program that aims to improve the maths skills of students in disadvantaged schools by building capacity in maths teaching.

Maths teachers in all schools are challenged by the lack of time and opportunity to keep up-to-date with maths outside their school, for example through exchange with their peers or with mathematicians in industry. This is especially the case in disadvantaged schools where teaching relief is unaffordable and the costs of sending teachers to participate in professional learning can be prohibitive.

Supporting the development of good maths teachers in local communities is the best way to improve maths achievements in schools. The Focus on Maths program aims to provide professional development opportunities for maths teachers in low SES schools who demonstrate a commitment to creating a positive impact on maths teaching and learning within their school and community.

AAMT invites organisations, endowments and other charitable donors to support maths education in disadvantaged schools by contributing funds to the Focus on Maths program.

Through Schools Plus, any donation over $2 is tax-deductible.

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