CMV Group, through its Foundations, has partnered with Schools Plus – a not-for-profit organisation connecting schools with communities and donors – to support the the use and understanding of technology in agriculture for students at Loxton High School.

Recent droughts and water shortages have led to a decrease in employment opportunities and a decline in population, in this Riverland/Mallee region of South Australia. Agriculture is one of the major employers and there is currently growth within the industry, especially in the fields of emerging technologies.

The school will establish a greenhouse, integrating a range of technology, including robotics and the use of sensors, to monitor plant growth in a sustainable manner. Students will be encouraged to develop their own sensors for use in the agricultural industry and gain skills to support both their own career opportunities, and expertise for employers within the local vicinity.

Principal of Loxton High School, David Garrett, spoke to the significance of vocational opportunities for the school’s students and the anticipated benefits to both the students and local community. “Loxton High School already has strong agriculture and business and innovation programs but this grant and partnership with a significant Riverland business and employer will provide our students with hands on learning opportunities using significant emerging technologies. We will be able to introduce robotics and sensor technology with a strong industry focus into our agriculture programs. This will help our students to understand where Ag Tech industries are heading, develop relevant practical and problem solving skills, and to prepare them for employment in regional industries.”

CMV Farms Managing Director, David Crawford said, “We’ve had a long standing relationship with the Riverland region, dating back to 1980 when we first established an almond orchard at Lindsay Point, followed by the development of our Riverland Almonds processing facility at Loxton and more recently the Fielke’s almond orchard development also at Loxton”. CMV Farms is a key employer in the Riverland area and pride themselves on their commitment to upskilling their workforce and engaging modern technology and practices to safeguard the future of local agricultural businesses.

“I’m excited by the prospect that local employers, just like us, will benefit from initiatives such as this one being implemented at Loxton High School because it means the students, who are the workforce of the future, will come better equipped with the knowledge and technical skills that will see them immediately contribute to the growth of the local agricultural industry”.

About Australian Schools Plus

Australian Schools Plus (Schools Plus) is a national charity that supports children to succeed at school. Schools Plus connects donors with schools in disadvantaged communities, to support projects that improve the learning outcomes of students. Our vision is that all young Australians reach their full potential through access to a great education, regardless of their background or location. We help to close the education gap by driving more generous, high-impact philanthropic support for schools that need it the most. We also maximise the impact of donations by developing school leaders’ capacity to design, deliver and evaluate strategic projects.

About CMV Farms
Established in 1980, CMV Farms (a division of the CMV Group) is now diversified across three crops and operates properties in multiple regions around Australia. Farming nearly 1,800 hectares across almonds, pistachios and wine grapes, CMV Farms is committed to employing the best people, technology and sustainable farming practices to ensure they remain at the forefront of their industry. The business, along with the wider CMV Group of companies believe that their people are their most important assets and are committed to developing and supporting regional communities and protecting the surrounding environment.

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