From our conversations with schools, we know it’s been a difficult time to raise funds. That’s why Schools Plus has teamed up with our friends at OzHarvest to bring you a free and interactive webinar to help you raise funds differently.

Our focus for this webinar will be telling your story and inspiring people to donate. We will be joined by special guest, Lisa Dainty, OzHarvest’s Community Fundraising Manager. OzHarvest is Australia’s leading food rescue organisation and has delivered over 160 million meals to those in need to date. Lisa will share her insights into developing fundraising campaigns that capture peoples hearts and motivate them to donate, through storytelling and sharing of experiences from within your community.

The webinar will also cover:

  • an easy step-by-step approach to online fundraising
  • tips to help your fundraising run smoothly
  • how to identify potential donors
  • how to thank and retain donors

The workshops have been designed to suit anyone raising funds for a school community, including principals, teachers, community liaison officers, school business managers and parents.

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