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Fundraise Yourself

In consultation with schools and parent associations, we have created an online fundraising platform – Fundraise Yourself. This unique platform enables you – schools and parent associations – to conduct your own crowdfunding drive in your community and within your networks. 

Best of all, it is the only platform offering your supporters a tax deduction for their donations to schools. 

Making it easy to fundraise in your community

Who is using it
  • Already 60 eligible schools across Australia have registered to fundraise. See a list of some of the schools we have supported.
  • They have raised a over $260,000 towards their projects.

Check out the projects page to see which schools are currently fundraising with Schools Plus.

Eligible schools must have an ICSEA value (Index of Community Socio-Education Advantage) under 1000. You can check your school at

How it works

1   Register your school

Read the Guidelines and complete three easy steps telling us about your school and contact details. 

2   Register your project

Fill in a simple form to tell your supporters what you are fundraising for. You can even add photos and videos to bring your story to life.

3   Spread the word

  • Use our tips and templates to help with your fundraising drive
  • Send your unique weblink to your networks and community
  • Promote through social media, newsletters and website
  • Approach local businesses for tax-deductible donations
  • Do you have an existing donor that supports your school? They can now receive a tax deduction
  • Ask parents and friends to make voluntary contributions through us – they’ll receive a tax deduction too
  • Bring existing fundraising online to reduce admin time 
  • Approach former students for support
  • Incorporate online fundraising with your current events


Download our step by step guide to share with your school or parent association or watch the How To video under the Helpful Video’s section below.

Register for a free Fundraising Workshop to help with your efforts.

Read the Guidelines and register your school and project now.

The benefits
  • Fundraise Yourself is the only platform offering tax-deductible donations to schools
  • Is free for schools and parent associations to use
  • Gives you access to a variety of templates and tips to help with your fundraising
  • Enables you to upload photos and videos
  • Provides you with a unique web link directly to your project page
  • Gives you access to your donor’s details who have supported your project
  • Significantly widens who schools and parent associations can approach for support outside of their immediate community
  • Is designed specifically for schools and parent associations, unlike generic crowdfunding platforms
  • Reduces admin and time by bringing existing fundraising online such as voluntary contributions
  • A simple and easy way to fundraise


Read the Guidelines and register your school and project now.

How you can raise money through the platform
  1. Encourage families to make their voluntary contributions online so they receive a tax deduction
  2. Move existing fundraising activities online – it is now tax deductible for your donors
  3. If you already have a donor who donates to your school, they can now receive a tax deduction. 
  4. Invite former students to donate back to your school
  5. Apply for grants that require DGR status – we can often lodge applications on your behalf
  6. Ask businesses to match what you raise dollar-for-dollar
  7. Ask for donations at events
  8. Seek donations in lieu of event entry, birthdays, celebrations
  9. Donate what you would have spent on a baking a cake with a cakeless cake stall
  10. Ask your networks for support
  11. Wherever your imagination takes you……

Register for a free Fundraising Workshop to help with your efforts.

Read the Guidelines and register your school and project now.


Before you register your project

Your fundraising will be more successful if you have a clear plan about who you’ll approach and how. Some things to think about are:

  • Is your school’s ICSEA under 1000 (ICSEA stands for Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage – check values at
  • Do you have an engaged community that will support your project with donations?
  • Do you have a plan identifying who to promote your project to in the community?
  • Are there local businesses or business networks that you can approach for donations?
  • Do you have a social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc)?
  • Can you profile your project and unique weblink on your school website and in your newsletters?
  • Do you have an active parents’ committee or school team to help drive the fundraising?
  • Do you already have a donor in mind who will make a significant donation or fund the project in full?
  • Have you looked at other projects on our website to see how profiles are written and the types of projects listed? 
  • Visit our Resources page for tips and other information.

Please read the Guidelines for more information.

If you are unsure whether the Fundraise Yourself approach is right for your school and community, please get in touch with us before registering so we can discuss the options.

Once your school is registered you can access a number of templates and tips to help you with your fundraising.

Contact us to discuss what will work best for your school.

Helpful videos

1. How to register your school and project on the Fundraise Yourself platform

We have put a video together stepping you through how to register your school and your project. This video will give you an insight into what the platform looks like and how easy it is to add your project to the Fundraise Yourself platform.

2. Fundraising Fundamentals webinar 

Are you looking to increase donor support for your school? The Fundraising Fundamentals webinar will teach you everything you need to know, from planning a fundraising campaign for school projects, identifying donors for support and tips on grant writing.


Free fundraising workshop

Want to learn how to raise more funds for your school?

We are hosting a free grant workshop on Thursday 11 March 2021 which will cover:

*An overview of grant types and how they can benefit your school
*Where to find grants
*Preparing your project and planning for success
*Grant application and writing tips
*Best practice for reporting and saying thank you
*A Q&A session with our grant writing experts

Find out more

Which schools are eligible

To be eligible for support through Schools Plus, schools must have a value below 1000 on the Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA) or be a special school, as defined by the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). Check ICSEA values at More than 4,600 schools in Australia, across the government, independent and Catholic sectors, are eligible for our support.

Find out more